Privacy policy

The privacy policies explain how the personal data of Leppäkoski’s customers are used and collected. The privacy policy is based on the Personal Data Act. The description of the personal data file is included in our privacy policy.

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Leppäkosken Lämpö Oy – privacy policy


Cookies, which are small text files, may be stored on the visitor’s device. We use the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager services for analysing and monitoring the use of our website. The cookies are used to collect data, but the data is not processed or stored in a manner that would allow an individual visitor to be identified or tracked.

Analytics cookies may be used to collect data on, for example, the site from which you moved to our address, which of our web pages you have browsed and when, and which browser you use, as well as on the resolution of your screen and your operating system.

Cookie data allow Leppäkoski Group and its partners to monitor the number of visitors on the website and their behaviour within the online service, in addition to analysing the service and developing it to better serve the visitors. In addition, we also use cookies that are essential for producing the customer services (e.g. chat) offered via the website.

By accepting all cookies, you accept that, in addition to cookies that are essential for analytics or customer services, Leppäkoski or its partners may use cookies related to advertising or social media, which collect data on the visitor’s visits to this and other websites. The data collected with the aid of cookies is used to produce advertising that is targeted based on the visitor’s interests on, for example, other websites or social media channels. Cookie-based targeting of advertising does not allow the identification of the visitor, and the data is not combined with any personal data possibly collected from the visitor in other contexts.

The visitor has the option to block all other cookies besides those that are essential for analytics and customer services by clicking on the Reject button in the cookie consent banner. By rejecting cookies, the visitor accepts that, as regards some of the services, blocking cookies may affect the function of the service.