Cancelling an electricity sales contract

For each contract order, we will send a notification of confirmation either by post or via email, depending on the type of contract and the customer’s wishes. Starting from the receipt of the confirmation, our customers are entitled to a cancellation period of 14 days. You do not need to cite a reason for the cancellation.

In order to cancel a contract, we require the customer’s name, street and postal address, telephone number, and possibly an email address. You may notify us of your decision to cancel the contract by, for example, posted letter, calling our customer service, or by email. You may use the cancellation form to cancel an electricity contract, but you may also inform us of the cancellation by means of a free-form letter or email message. Please note that if you cancel the electricity sales contract, you will not have a valid electricity sales contract with Leppäkosken Energia. A valid electricity sales contract is required for power delivery, which means that we will not be able to deliver electricity to you without an electricity sales contract.

Effects of cancelling an electricity sales contract

Once we have received your notification of cancellation, our electricity contract will expire. If you have requested for the power delivery to start before the cancellation period ends, you must pay a fee, as specified in the confirmation of contract, for the electricity delivered by the date of the cancellation notification.

Do you disagree about the contract or the interpretation thereof?

We primarily seek to resolve any disputes concerning a contract by means of negotiations between the parties, but a consumer can, when necessary, submit the matter to be decided by the Consumer Disputes Board. Before presenting the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact the Consumer Advisory Services of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.